Build-to-Suit Program
The system that manages the origination, production, and operation of each project; consists of multiple, fully-integrated processes to seamlessly achieve optimal outcomes for each project; and, uses process workflows and tools. 

TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM  -Our web-based software provides anywhere, real-time, 24/7 project data storage and retrieval, workflow automation, document control, and communication management for team personnel, the client, and third-party project collaborators (i.e., contractors, lenders, architects, and engineers).


READY, COST-EFFECTIVE PROJECT CAPITAL - Strong Balance Sheet – built from The OBG Team’s business strategy that uses two complementary business models: “Build-to-Own” model that produces reliable cash flow from the operation of The OBG Team’s portfolio of solely-owned, low-leveraged property; and, “Build-to-Sell” model that produces reliable cash flow from the sale of new build-to-suit property.


MARKET SEARCH - The OBG team’s market search team gives clients the winning edge in beating rivals to the best location in a target market. Using technology to systematically aggregate all onmarket property and aggressive “boots-on-ground” to scour the market for off-market property, the team identifies and comparatively evaluates all property alternates that meets a client’s location standards and issues a client-specific report detailing the results.


PROGRAM PROPOSAL - To determine if The OBG Team’s Build-to-Suit Program is right for your company, let The Team prepare a program proposal for your review. The proposal will describe the program in detail and will include a prototype project model to be used for each tenant project which consists of: 

  • Scope (Plans and Specifications)
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Lease Terms